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CARDONE Service Plus
FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer



"AS SEEN ON TV!" Click here to see a short video on how CARDONE's FLASH2 Reprogrammer can benefit you!
CARDONE's FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer is your answer for reprogramming OBDI and OBDII GM ECUs, as well as OBDII Ford, Chrysler, Saturn, Toyota/Scion, Honda/Acura and Mazda ECUs. Since the FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer is J2534 compliant, it is capable of reprogramming all vehicles makes as OEMs release their data, and validation is completed. FLASH today! It’s up to you how far you want to go!

CARDONE has performed extensive validation of each make to ensure your reprogramming success. Look at the OEM’s that have validated our tool as well!

  • Ford

  • Mazda

  • Toyota – coming soon!

  • GM – does not validate J2534 devices

  • Chrysler – does not validate J2534 devices

  • Honda – does not validate J2534 devices  


General Motors has released their TIS 2 Web application for real-time downloads of the latest reprogramming data. CARDONE has worked with GM to release it FIRST to the aftermarket starting in April 2007!

FLASH2 Reprogrammer Features and Benefits:

  • Toyota/Scion/Lexus on-car FLASH Reprogramming

  • Toyota/Scion/Lexus VIN Reprogramming

  • Honda/Acura on-car FLASH Reprogramming

  • Mazda on-car FLASH Reprogramming

  • GM/Saab 9-7x/Isuzu Hombre on-car and/or off-car FLASH Reprogramming

    • 9 GM off-car cables

      • GM#8 cable = 2002-2006 Cavalier, Grand Am, Canyon, Malibu, Bonneville, Alero, Cobalt, Colorado, etc.

      • GM #9 cable = 2002-2005 Bravada, S10, S15, Rainier, etc. 

  • Ford on-car and/or off-car FLASH Reprogramming

    • 2 Ford off-car cables

    • Ford on-car PATS Reprogramming

  • Chrysler on-car and/or off-car FLASH Reprogramming

    • 5 Chrysler off-car cables

    • Chrysler VIN Reprogramming

    • Chrysler Reset SRI (Service Reminder Indicator) Programming

  • On-car GM/Ford/Chrysler CAN Reprogramming

  • Analyze the ECU and read/clear DTC’s and view I/M monitors, VIN, current calibration number, Oil Life Reset and more!

  • Detailed User Manual - Provides screen-by-screen guidance for easy installation & set-up of your FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer and also how to purchase install and reprogram using each OEM reprogramming application.

  • FLASH Library - Provides links to CARDONE website, CARDONE FLASH Help Guides, CARDONE Cable Guides, DTC Code deciphering web link, CARDONE PROTECHs, other helpful web links, etc.

  • FLASH Job Verification - Printable summary screen showing old/new calibration file that you can show your customer.

  • ECM/PCM Modifications labels (part #70-2063)

  • Use your own PC (must meet minimum requirements)

  • Marketing support materials

  • FREE Lifetime Technical and Sales Support

  • More Options! Better Options! Your Options! Select and purchase only what you want to do…period.


For more information or how to purchase, please click here.


Testimonials about how the FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer can increase your bottom line:

“What a tool. Every real mechanic should get their hands on this easy- to- use on-car pass-thru reprogammer. A quick and easy moneymaker for any mechanic, and a great service for all your customers. Now the dealers can’t hog all the reprogramming jobs, and you don’t ever need to send another customer away from your door. You guys came up with a real winner this time.

As a professional mechanic for the last 37 years, and a TV car talk show host for 13+ years. I applaud your ingenuity at making such a useful tool…keep it going for us mechanics, so we can be more and more professional with all our repair work.”

Scott Kilmer, Crank It Up, CBS TV



"We have always had superior support from our local CARDONE Sales Rep and their Technical Services department located in Philadelphia. CARDONE's FLASH2 All-Makes Reprogrammer tool is a great, easy opportunity for anyone to increase their bottom line. This program enables you to set up accounts with local garages and even the OE Dealerships to FLASH ECUs. It is possible to do as many as six to seven units a day and more! We've literally done hundreds of FLASH events and quickly paid off our initial investment of purchasing the tool (figure the dollars on your investment on that!). CARDONE has definitely helped Star Distributing company become more successful and profitable." 

Walt Tomlin, Star Distributing Co.


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